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With a cost of $275 per credit hour, our students find that CCCB is a great option for those looking for any kind of accredited credentials, whether that be a certificate, Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or Master’s – we make it possible for our students to get quality training without all the debt! Combine this with our 3 and ½ day on-campus class schedule, and you’ll find that many of our students graduate with a lot of experience and little to worry about!

Still in high school? Then check out our dual-enrollment program! Students who enroll in our program can earn up to 15 credits at a rate of $100 per credit hour. That’s an entire semester’s worth of credits at the cost of a single class at some other universities! So don’t wait – check out Central Christian College of the Bible today!

Enjoy this short highlight reel of life on campus that showcases our classrooms, athletic programs, student life, and more!

Interested in seeing more of what we have to offer? Then sign up for a visit! They’re absolutely free and can be scheduled according to your needs – whatever or whenever that may be!

At A Glance
For over 60 years, Central Christian College of the Bible has existed to develop servant-leaders for the church – and in 2021, that mission is no different. However, we realize that many servant-leaders today feel called not just to vocational ministry, but to the marketplace too. This is why we offer programs in vocational ministry, but also partnerships with intentional institutions that allow us to offer programs in business, education, communication, technology, health, and science – all while getting a biblical foundation that will bolster your faith for the future.

All students who enroll in a 4 year program at Central will take at least 31 hours of Bible and Theology courses – and any student enrolled in one of our partnership could graduate with 2 degrees (Bachelor’s of Religious Studies from Central and Bachelor’s in intended area with partner) in 4 years for the price of 1! (For more details, please send an email to So whatever the Lord has called you to, wherever you feel you need to go, Central Christian College of the Bible can help you lift your torch and light your path!

3 Things Families Should Know


Top Majors or Programs of Study


Applying to Central is easy and free!

First, send in an application at

Next, send us your transcripts and test scores (ACT/SAT/CLT). Electronic copies of transcripts and scores can be sent by electronic service to Printed copies must be sealed and official and can be sent to our mailing address with “Attention: Admissions”.

After we receive these two items we will be able to make an admission decision! All files are evaluated on an individual basis, but our minimum requirements are 2.0 GPA with at least a 17 ACT. Once you are admitted, we can also award scholarships and package you financially (once we have received your FAFSA)!


Campus Visit Information
We offer both in-person and virtual visits! A visit can be scheduled at any time during the week for whatever time works for you – just fill out a visit form on our website at

Most visits include a conversation with admissions, academics, and financial aid as well as a tour of campus! Have something specific you would like to work into your visit like meeting with a coach or speaking to a particular professor? Just let us know and we’ll make it happen!

Connect With Central Christian College of the Bible Admissions

Martin Hinten, Admissions Counselor

Contact Martin anytime via telephone at (660) 263-3900 or email (

Central Christian College of the Bible
911 E. Urbandale Dr.
Moberly, MO 65270

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