The Witherspoon Honors Program for homeschooled students embodies our highest aspirations for a true Christ-centered, Classical liberal-arts education. Witherspoon Scholars are awarded a generous 75% scholarship, as well as an all expense paid summer excursion to the great cities that have shaped our Western Civilization.

Providence is an excellent home away from home for Christian homeschooled students:

We are Unashamedly Christian
Many Christian colleges have drifted from their foundations and are embracing teachings that suit passions or scratch an itch. However, as a confessionally Reformed Christian college, we still believe God’s Word is trustworthy, and the source of true wisdom.

We are Distinctly Classical
While education is growing more technical, we maintain the value of the Classical liberal arts; an immersive study of aspirational ideals found in the richness of the Western intellectual tradition.

We are Intentionally Residential
Ninety percent of our students choose to live on campus because they know that deep learning takes place outside the classroom. Here, faculty live among students, and our Resident Life staff cares for our community.


The Providence Christian College Admissions Office wants to connect with you anytime at (626) 696-4030 or


As a confessionally Reformed Christian college, Providence believes that God’s Word is the source of true wisdom, and that an education rooted in the classical liberal arts will prepare students to be virtuous citizens who embrace the aspirational ideals of Western Civilization.

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