Ours is an education of immersion: immersion in the Western tradition, immersion in the beauty and challenges of the wilderness, immersion in the treasures of our Catholic spiritual heritage.

Wyoming Catholic College is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, in the picturesque mountain town of Lander, Wyoming. The College campus is integrated into the town itself, with the Horse Barn and the Immaculata Ranch located outside of town.

Wyoming Catholic College Curriculum
Wyoming Catholic College has a set four-year curriculum. All students take the same courses in the same order. There are no electives. Students graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts by completing 140 credits. The curriculum is divided into eight curricular tracks: Humanities, Theology, Philosophy, Math/Science, Fine Arts, Latin, Trivium, and Leadership.

21-Day Freshman Expedition
Every student at WCC begins their college career in the same way: a 21-day wilderness expedition in the Rocky Mountains. This intense experience helps students grow in wonder as they study God’s First Book, grow in virtue as they push themselves out of their comfort zone, and grow as a community as they overcome challenges together. Ultimately, like everything else in our curriculum, it is an experience of beauty for its own sake.

Why Apply?
We live in a world in which our knowledge of the past is fragmented, in which we are isolated from one another, and in which we are often even alienated from ourselves. At Wyoming Catholic College, we have founded an intentionally coherent academic community to help heal this fragmentation and isolation, to produce the best teachers, doctors, lawyers, cowboys, poets, philosophers, mothers and fathers, and to teach students how to pursue what is good and true and beautiful.


Connect with Mr. Jonathan Rensch, Director of Wyoming Catholic College’s Admissions Department, anytime toll-free at (877) 332-2930 or via email at admissions@wyomingcatholic.edu.

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